How it all began


My dreams turned out differently. All my life I’d thought t would work for ESPN as a sports journalist, that was my end game to be on the sidelines interviewing the very best in sports. As with life though, my plans changed. A passion for photography, for telling the stories of people through a different avenue of art was instilled deep down inside me during my senior year of high school. I had found a hobby at that point, but as I raced my way through college at Louisiana Tech I realized slowly my dream of being a sportscaster might not be the greatest or best path God had planned for me. All of a sudden my heart began to pursue shooting more and more with families, friends and even strangers. I felt my life shifting to a pursuit of capturing the wonder of creation, people, the human experience altogether became my creative realm to express myself and my love for Christ in such a beautiful way. Photography changed my life. II gave me the greatest opportunity of finding a way to use my gifts for administration, communicating, leadership and imagination in everyday life as well as make a livelihood out of it. I love my job, it brings me to exciting places I never imagined I would have the chance to go, to meet incredible people whose stories have changed me, and to be a light in the world just by simply showing love and joy through a lens of a camera. I wouldn’t trade my dreams changing for anything. I hope you find laughter, fun, dancing, sarcasm, sports talk, corny jokes, listening, excellence, grace and integrity in all that I do. This is not just a job. Its a privilege to document your /happy everything) moments for you to treasure for all of your days. I am so honored you would choose us to be a part of your journey, it truly is an honor. I can’t wait to get to know you better and have a blast along the way! If it isn’t fun then it just isn’t worth doing.

Faves Im’ digging

  1. Enneagram 3 (where are all my personality quiz peeps!)
  2. I love planners
  3. Coffee is my love language
  4. New Girl is a show I will never grow tired of watching
  5. Elevators are not my friend