“Thanks so much for stopping by So. Rad.
Cotton Candy Cart. I am the owner of Unveiled Radiance Photography, and wanted to add a little bit of extra happy, to our already amazing business! I hope So. Rad. can bring some magic & handcrafted fluffy goodness for your corporate, school, birthday, wedding, and other special occasions in your life!”

“Cotton Candy is all the magic you need”


So. Sugary

/ˈSHo͝oɡərē/ -containing much sugar.

This package is perfect for sweet birthday parties, luncheons, & showers.

- 1 hour cart service
- Up to 2 flavors
- Unlimited cones
- Serves about 60 guests

$275 + tax

So. Sweet

/swēt/ -pleasing in general; delightful.

This package is perfect for cozy wedding receptions, graduation parties, birthday bashes, family reunions, and more!

- 2 hours of cart service
- Up to 3 flavors
- Unlimited cones
- Serves about 100 guests

$400 + tax

So. Scrumptious

/ˈskrəm(p)SHəs/ - extremely tasty; delicious.

This package is perfect for corporate gatherings, college events, premiers, launches, festivals, and weddings.

- 3 hrs of cart service
- Up to 4 flavors
- Unlimited cones
- Serves about 150 guests

$550 + tax

Party or Wedding Favors

Set of 25- 1 flavor - 9 oz cup- $80
Set of 25 - 1 flavor - 16 oz cup - $120
Set of 25 - 1 flavor - 24 oz cup - $160

*Includes custom designed personalized labels for the event!

We love a good party favor!


- Extra Flavor: $15 each
- Extra Hour: $150 per machine
- Customized Garland Balloon with our sweet friend at Pop & Posie:
5ft garland $125
8ft garland $200
- Choice of Funfetti sprinkles, Glitter or Pop Rocks toppings: $25

A little extra sweet!


“Dreams taste like cotton candy”

Savory Cool

Cotton candy is just sugar and air which makes it unstable! Humidity can make it melt quickly. Please keep this in mind when booking your summer parties. We will always do our best to make your party the sweetest!

Sweet Vibe

To provide our best service to you, we need a flat ground surface with at least a 4×8 foot space. There must be a 3-prong outlet within 25 feet of the cart and equipment. Upper floor events require elevator access. A covered/shaded area is required if the party is outdoors as well as a backup space indoors in case of inclement weather.

Sugar Knowledge

We use only a tablespoon of sugar per cone, it only takes about 30 grams of sugar to make a typical serving size of cotton candy, which is about 9 grams less than a 12-ounce can of Coke.

Cotton candy has no fat, no preservatives, or sodium, and is about 115 calories per serving!


How does booking with So. Rad work?

To reserve your date, we require a signed contract and a non-refundable $100 DEPOSIT. Your deposit will be credited directly toward your final invoice. Full PAYMENT by cash, Venmo, check or credit card (+ 3% processing fee for credit card transactions) is to be received one week prior to the event date.

Is there a travel fee?

We love that our cotton candy cart is mobile! We are located in West Monroe, LA. Anything beyond 30 miles from our home base will be charged mileage based on the IRS business mileage fee (63 cents per mile at the current rate).

What if our event date is changed or canceled?

In the event your party needs to be canceled, your non-refundable deposit can be transferred to another date! We will do our best to accommodate your changes and a new date, but can not guarantee availability once your party is changed.

Ready to have all the fluffy goodness at your next event?

Contact Us: so.radcottoncandy@gmail.com

We would love to be able to help bring all the yummy fluffy goodness to your special occasion.